About Us

Tasty, high quality products, prepared with care and love. Natural goods from the garden and forest to your table.
Our story began in 1994 in the tiny parish of Pūre among berry and fruit gardens, next to forests abundantly filled with wild berries. Here is where the fruit and berry processing company Pūres Cehs was established.

At that time the canned food facility was the place where the aromas and flavours of the Latvian summer were made into tasty products – jams, syrups and juices.

As time went on, Pūres Cehs became PUREFOOD, developing a brand Pūre, well-known to the local market. In 2011, the Company was added to the international group of companies ‘Puratos Group’, and in 2012 it changed its name back to the previous name SIA Puratos Latvia. The company’s name has changed over time, however the values and traditions have remained the same.

The company has several quality assurance certificates.

We care about the high quality of our products; therefore we carefully select our raw material suppliers, we document each step of the production process and check the compliance of the end product to the requirements set. Pūre products – a combination of great flavours and high quality.